Stacey Christenson

stacey is the first female (and latina) artist contributor to she arises.  we are so excited to have her talent showcased on one of our t'shirt designs. She has designed a piece for the she arises babes, we hope you fall in love with it as much as we did!  Get to know stacey and visit her website below.

Stacey Christenson is passionate about art, culture, family and friends. She loves creating custom pieces, each with their own special meaning for her clients.  She loves having her nieces and nephews critique her finished work.  Stacey is passionate about volunteering and giving back to her community.  She loves spending time outdoors gardening and hiking. Tattoo lover, Frida Kahlo and Norman Rockwell inspire her and my work.

Catch daily snippets of her and her work on Instagram @schristensonart