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New Year, New Outlook 2k16 Mind, Body and Soul Series Part 2 of 3

Jen BenitezComment
New Year, New Outlook 2k16 Mind, Body and Soul Series Part 2 of 3

This piece is part 2 of the Mind, Body and Soul series. My hopes are to inspire You, the reader, to take care and embrace your body and if you haven’t started taking care, it’s never too late. You can begin now...

I strongly believe that “your body is your temple” and you should treat it as so. After all, who else but you to run and care for your temple?

Just like the mind, our body is complex and requires time, love and attention. If you stop and think, what does your body do for you? How do you use it? What do you put your body through daily? Are you on your feet or sitting all day? How do you want to feel?

These are the type of questions that drove me to pursue the field of health education. I always questioned what my body was doing and how it was doing it.  Throughout my adolescence I was involved in sports and at a very young age I began to understand what my body was capable of doing.  This same understanding is what pushed me to complete a goal that took me 5 years to achieve- running 3 half-marathons. That is 39.6 miles in 9 months. This may not seem like much, but to me, it was everything. A simple, “wow, I want to run that” turned into a reality, even if it was 5 years later. But it happened.

My point here is that your body can achieve more than you think you can, and I say- You Can and You Will. If you want to lose weight, run a 5k, 10k, a full-marathon, become stronger, whatever health goals you may have, however big or small, whatever you want your body to achieve, IT CAN.  You have to believe it and want it. It will not be easy, but all you have to do is BEGIN, KEEP GOING and the rest will follow. We must strive for progress and not perfection.

How do you take care of your body?

Begin by acceptance, nutrition, exercise/fitness and self-love. Our bodies were designed to be active. It doesn’t matter what you do. You can walk, run, play with your children, go up and down the stairs, swim, bike, ANYTHING, as long as you do something.  Make time to be physically active, make it a family affair, you don’t need 2-3 hours a day. The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of physical activity daily. If you don’t have 30 minutes to spare, break it up into two 15-minute intervals a day, 15 in the morning and 15 at night.  As your body gets used to movement, you add more. You’ll be amazed at what 15 minutes (active minutes) can do for you. I challenge you to practice physical activity for 30 minutes. Deal? Try it!

Remember, YOU are beautiful just the way you are.

We tend to take our body for granted and we forget that like an electronic device, it runs out of battery or fuel, however you want to see it. The power of your body is that it can be RECHARGED, REFRESHED and RENEWED with the proper care.  Fuel your body with the best fuel. Your body deserves it! You truly are what you eat.  Try eating whole-some, real, natural food.  Drink more water. It does not have to be complicated. Take small steps. Start small.  I know, were not all experts, but the beauty of it is that you don’t have to be. You can begin by being aware of what you feed your body. Go back to basics.    

Here is something I learned, if you cannot pronounce the ingredients, it more than likely isn’t good for you.  Think about it. Practice intuitive eating.

There is no secret to achieving goals, especially health and fitness. It takes discipline, commitment, time (A LOT), patience, courage, inner strength, mind power, will power, hard work, sweat, sometimes tears and above all, it will take love. Love for yourself, love for you body, mind and soul. Love yourself enough to want to make this year the year you renew yourself. Let today be the day you take your life back. Whatever it may be. LOVE yourself for who you are today and for who can become. Changes will not be overnight but remind yourself on the daily basis of WHY you started. Change begins with love. In the end your body will thank you and love you for taking care of it. Begin today.

“Caring for your body is caring for your mission”- Gary Thomas

Seek Wealth in your Health,


Jenneffer Benitez is a dedicated individual who is passionate about overall Health and her community. I give my all in anything I do and all I do is done with love. I am a recent graduate from Long Beach State. Go Beach! I am a health educator who's mission is to raise awareness of a variety of health issues and help individuals become their own change agents. Health is a state of well-being that takes into consideration the emotional, physical, mental, social and spiritual balance of the individual. I believe that everyone can and should be able to obtain this balance if provided with the proper tools and as a health educator that is what I intend to do.