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Jen BenitezComment

Arise and Run my friends. I will share with you a little something that has been simmering in my mind. What does “Arise and Run” mean? Simply put, to Arise means to get up, stand up or come forth. To Run is the physical action of running. I want to share with you the meaning behind Arise and Run. I am not a professional runner but running for me is my form of therapy. It is a way for me to clear my mind, body and soul. I truly enjoy running outdoors, there is something about the fresh air that is therapeutic for me and it makes me feel like I can take over the world. I always say that the world is our gym, so lets get out there and use it.

She Arises and I would like to come together and bring to you the Arise and Run running group.  It would be an honor to have you, yes YOU, join us on our monthly run.  I would like for us to come together to not only “run” but to Arise and Run. It does not matter if you are a runner or not. This group will be designed for you to come forth to not only run but also share what drives you, what inspires you and come together to start a conversation with others. Come join us and create new friends and new goals.  I would like to use Arise and Run and share the beauty of running. Running has helped me in different ways; it has created an outlet for me to focus on my goals and the importance to keep going forward no matter what.  It is important to run at your own pace in your own race. We all have a race to run and each finish line is different. But I tell you this, whatever race that may be, we must first Arise and Run my friends.

I invite you all to Arise from your troubles, worries, fears and Run! Run your day, run your life, run your body and soul. Think about your WHY, hold on to that and run. Run with all your heart and spirit. Leave all your worries behind you as you advance in your race, let go of your fears and troubles. Move forward, run ahead and don’t look back. It is time to come together, Arise and Run!

Meet us at the beach!

Bluff Park Ocean Blvd & Redondo Ave
Long Beach, CA 90803

Date: Friday December 16th 2016

Time: 7:00pm-8:10pm

Seek wealth in your health,



Jenneffer Benitez is a dedicated individual who is passionate about overall Health and her community. I give my all in anything I do and all I do is done with love. I am a recent graduate from Long Beach State. Go Beach! I am a health educator who's mission is to raise awareness of a variety of health issues and help individuals become their own change agents. Health is a state of well-being that takes into consideration the emotional, physical, mental, social and spiritual balance of the individual. I believe that everyone can and should be able to obtain this balance if provided with the proper tools and as a health educator that is what I intend to do.