What can I say to encourage you today? To boost your heart in whatever circumstance you find yourself?

That is, after all, my goal in writing these posts. To encourage and give you tools to live the life you want to live. To silence the outside noise and tune in to what your heart is saying…

If I’m honest, this has been a hard week for me emotionally. Sometimes the dialogue we play in our minds permeates to our hearts and leaves us feeling like flimsy shells of ourselves. I have allowed some of that to take hold this week. I don’t think anyone is immune to sadness, to anxiety, to fear – but I know that we do not have to give into these negative feelings and allow them to strangle us.

Meditation really helps me shift my thoughts.

And I had a really good meditation this morning. A short one – just 10 minutes. But it reminded me that I am not my circumstances. I can be a tree, with roots deeply connected in the ground. I can be still and strong despite the changing weather or trying experiences.

For those of you feeling burdened today, try this mental exercise and see if it doesn’t help you turn from any negative feelings that are taking root.

Picture yourself as a tree. A big, strong, beautiful tree. One that people walk past and want to take pictures with because it is that beautiful.

Now think of your roots. Your roots go deep within the earth. Literally, they ground you from buckling under Mother Nature’s whims and life’s circumstances. They are thick and strong and spread out even further than your glorious branches.

Visualize your branches. They bear many responsibilities, yet they are still strong enough to be outstretched to the heavens. Always thanking God for the sunshine AND the rain.

Think of your leaves now. They are proof you are alive and well. They grow and change and die and then start all over again. Never giving up, season after season, they welcome the spring and uncurl in all their photosynthetic glory.

You are a small ecosystem unto yourself. You co-exist well with others, yet you have the unwavering strength to stand on your own.

Negative feelings or thoughts? – Let them float effortlessly to the ground with a gentle breeze and bid them adieu. Thank them for reminding you that you have a choice surrounding what you hold onto and support and what you let go of.



You are beautiful.
You are strong.
You are wise.
You are well.
You have everything you need, and you are working to get rid of anything you don’t.
You are the creator of the thoughts inside your mind.
Plant those thoughts where they can be nurtured and develop deep roots.
Deep roots that will hold you up despite life’s ever changing circumstances.
You are not your circumstances.
You are you and that is more than enough.

May you be blessed as you go about your day.