I WANT TO BE A VOICE - a fight against human trafficking

She Arises has partnered with Gems Uncovered gemsuncovered.org and UNCVRD www.uncvrdjewelry.com to bring one message “STOP Human Trafficking”

Press Release

Youth take it to the streets - Long Beach, CA, July 18, 2015 –

“Did you know that every two minutes a child is lured into sex trafficking?  Are you okay with this?

Human Trafficking is a Global Issue affecting millions of children and women every day. It’s a problem that is not just “over there” in a foreign country, its right here right now where you and I live. The problem of Human Trafficking affects youth, families, neighborhoods, and communities by stripping away human dignity and freedom, again I ask, are you okay with this?

California is listed as one of the top four states for Human Trafficking with Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco being the three main hubs for sex trafficking as noted in the November 2014 report from Global Resource Database. 

But along this urgent issue, there is hope rising.

A girls youth group from World Outreach Church in Long Beach says “we want to do something and to rise up against this horrific crime, what we can do?”. Gems Uncovered.org, UNCVRD Jewelry.com, and She Arises.com heard them and said” we will come along side you and provide what you need to take your message to the streets.” 

And what is our common message? “I am NOT for sale!” “STOP Human Trafficking”

What is The “Our Voice” Campaign? The “Our Voice” Campaign is more than a one day event, it is a six month movement that will bring awareness to various communities throughout the city. Before any girl can participate in the campaign, they must attend a mandatory sex trafficking awareness workshop highlighting topics such as “But he said that he loved me” and “Safe Touch”.

The first rally will be held July 18 from 10am to 12pm in Long Beach, CA on Long Beach Blvd and Pacific Coast Hwy.

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Mary White

Gems Uncovered

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