Alex Sposada

Hi there!! Here’s a bit about me, I’ve lived in both Miami, FL and Tampa, FL (I currently live in Tampa, FL). I’m a powerlifter, and I’m aspiring to qualify for nationals this summer (light a candle for me- pls). I love lifting, writing, reading, traveling, eating and of course- COOKING! I love the mission of SheArises and SheArises Fitness, I feel that all women should feel empowered to take charge of their health, bodies, finances, and spiritual-well being.

Here are a few quick facts:

  • I love the water, my favorite vacation spot is Key Largo, FL! I love fishing, diving, swimming, and partying on the sandbar!

  • Mis abuelos had to flee Cuba in 1966, so I’m well versed in politics (of then and now)!

  • I thoroughly enjoy following other empowered/ positive women on Instagram! You can follow my adventures @alexsposada

Besos y abrazos

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